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Just4beats was first launched in the year of 2009 by CEO and founder Damon Richards.


Damon Richards, businessman, media professional and musician, from the city of London, United Kingdom, was inspired to make his own beatstore, selling high quality instrumental beats via the internet.


After in-depth planning and research, CEO Damon Richards communicated with Sean Cook, CEO of Prestige Designs, to plan, create and launch the first official Just4beats wesbsite. Sean Cook played a vital role in the beginning of the Just4beats company.


Once the first official Just4beats website was successfully completed and launched, the team proceeded to promote the company via different avenues. Social networking sites such as Facebook, Myspace and Youtube were positive platforms for the promotion of Just4beats.


Just4beats began producing hip-hop and R&B instrumental beats, selling beats online and at a successful rate. The production team still to this day continue to create these genres of music, and have also progressed onto producing genres such as house and many more.


After the positive launch and promotion of the Just4beats website, Damon Richards, opened and managed his own professional recording studio, Just4beats Studios. Just4beats Studios first operated in South West London, United Kingdom. The team successfully produced the first professional instrumentals at Just4beats Studios, where founder Damon Richards also recorded many successful artists from all over the world.


In 2013, following the success of Just4beats Studios and, CEO Damon Richards progressively decided to expand the Just4beats company. The music production company wanted to recruit a new professional music production team consisting of experienced, dedicated and hard-working producers that would feature on


Damon Richards created an online promotional campaign to discover new team members for the Just4beats company.

After a hugely positive response, the new Just4beats members were chosen.


The new and improved Just4beats team members Platinum Status, Jizzo Beats, Caleb Sarikey, Stand Out Musik, Fiittdz Carter, Strat Carter and Tone Loc 412 was born. Each producer with their own unique sound, professionalism, experience and creativity combined, positively work together in the effort to promote themselves and Just4beats company. Together with CEO Damon Richards and partner CCO/CAO Charlene C, the goal is to successfully market industry standard instrumental beats worldwide.


From 2014 onwards, CEO Damon Richards proceeded to plan and create the new Just4beats website for 2015, featuring the new members of the Just4beats team. This was achieved with the professional assistance of partner, member of the Just4beats team, CCO and CAO Charlene C. This very website is what you observe today.


This platform,, was created in order to present Just4beats, the Just4beats team and our professional music/media services. Our strong team are excessively proud to offer this to you, the customer.




"At Just4beats, our main objective is to ensure customer satisfaction everytime. We continue to work diligently to supply high quality, industry standard music production and services to customers worldwide."


Damon Richards, CEO and founder of




From the whole team at, thank you for visiting our website. We hope you enjoy the experience.








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About us, our music success story.