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on the training courses we provide.


Our Logic Pro course also Includes training from all aspects of music and the music industry. Our tutors will teach you production techniques, show you how to use third party plugins, and provide information on all things musical.


You will not find a Logic Pro course like this anywhere, that's a guarantee. Our price is the most competitive online for professional one to one training.




If you want to get the most out of your Logic Software Suite, learn all the latest tips, tricks and workflow methods, then this brand new online training course provides the perfect solution for you.


Just4beats Logic Pro X Training provides both a basic, intermediate and advanced course to support all levels of users. The Logic Pro X courses are delivered through a series of online practical lessons from one of our Logic Pro X tutors.



What you’ll learn



  • Understanding workflow techniques

  • Recording and editing audio and MIDI

  • Using software instruments

  • Working with audio effects

  • Mixing and automation

  • Manipulating pitch and time






Students should have the following prerequisite knowledge before attending the course.


  • Knowledge of OS X and basic computer navigation

  • Basic knowledge of audio terminology is highly recommended



Course outline



Day 1



  • Creating a Logic Pro X project, exploring the Interface, navigating the project, build up the arrangement, mixing the song, mixing down to a stereo file


  • Recording audio, Setting up digital audio recording settings, recording a single track, recording additional takes, punching in and out, changing recording settings, deleting unused audio files


  • Editing sudio


  • Assigning mouse tools, editing regions in the workspace, comping takes, adding fades and crossfades, editing regions in the audio track editor, editing files in the audio file editor, aligning audio



Day  2



  • Producing a virtual drum track


  • Creating a drummer track, arranging the drum track


  • Customizing the drum kit


  • Recording MIDI and using controllers


  • Using a patch from the library, recording MIDI, correcting the timing of a MIDI recording, joining recordings into a MIDI region, recording MIDI takes, punching In and Out.


  • Creating a layered sound patch, creating a split keyboard patch, mapping Smart controls to patch parameters, controlling Logic from an iPad using Logic Remote, using step input recording, processing MIDI notes with MIDI effects


  • Creating and editing MIDI, Creating MIDI notes in the piano roll editor, creating MIDI notes in the score editor, Importing a MIDI file, editing MIDI data in the event list, creating and editing MIDI continuous controllers


  • Editing time and pitch


  • Setting a project tempo by detecting the tempo of a recording


  • Using and creating Apple loops, creating tempo changes and tempo curves, adding a turntable or tape slow-down effect, making one track follow the groove of another track, change the playback pitch and speed with varispeed, editing the timing of an audio region, tuning vocal recordings



Day 3



  • Editing an arrangement using all the skills you have learned

* Required